100% natural truffle

We do not work with frozen products


Our truffles come from our own truffle farms.

With health registration

We hace official health registration 21.031059-TE

We collect and export

To 24 countries in 3 continents

About us

Trufa Mudéjar

"Trufa Mudéjar" is a family business founded in 1984 by José and Emilia with the target of achieving enough production of black truffle as to be able to access commercialisation, but without affecting the premise that both the process and the product should be 100% natural.

Our product

We work exclusively with authentic black truffles

We work with NO frozen products and without any intermediarie. We are producers, collectors and distributors of our own black truffle.

Quality assurance

The variety of black truffle  we produce is the most valued in the world for its special organoleptic conditions both of texture and flavour. 

Our fields

Black truffle from Teruel

Our fields, located in the province of Teruel, have very special conditions that are essential for the production of the best quality black truffle Tuber Melanosporum.


Tree species

One that naturally produces spores that seep into the soil and produces quality black truffle.

Frozen holm oak leaf, macro, close up.


Truffles need extreme climates, with hot summers and very cold winters. So the province of Teruel is the perfect location for growing them.



It is necessary to have land with suitable soils to favour the natural development of the fruit and at an altitude of 1100m.

Abstract rough red soil texture


The black truffle grows in limestone soils. It prefers aerated soils and it is important that to maintain its pH between 7,5 and 8,5.

How do we point at truffles?

After a positive learning process, our dogs help us in the collection of the truffels. This pointing at the spot where the truffles lay is for them is a extremely funny game they always win.


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