Trufa Mudéjar

Tuber Melasnosporum

Black Truffle

The variety of black truffle that we produce is the most highly valued by chefs and culinary enthusiasts, due to its special organoleptic conditions of texture and flavour. The high quality of the Tuber Melasnosporum variety, together with the characteristics of our farm in terms of altitude, climate and the composition of the land, make our product of exceptional quality that intensifies the palatability of the dishes it forms part of, enhancing the tones of the different culinary compositions.

After harvesting, we take the fruit to the brushing and packaging laboratory, leaving a record of the date and origin of each truffle, thus guaranteeing that the product maintains its identification in order to establish its traceability.
Once this is done, we are ready to deliver it to our customers on demand.

We are proud to be able to offer the fruit of our know-how, the result of years of dedication, selection and learning. Thanks to this learning process, we have managed to obtain a sustained and controlled production of a product that in the past was only produced in open fields and from wild trees. Nowadays we can control the health of the specimens produced, the characteristics of the land and ensure that the production is carried out in an ecological way, without the presence of sulphates, fertilisers or uncontrolled dumping of any kind.

Our conviction that this form of production offers results of exceptional quality is technically endorsed by a series of parameters that are periodically measured in independent laboratories. These analyses help us both to monitor the state of health of the farm and to improve year by year.

"We continue to learn thanks to the exhaustive technical monitoring of the development of our production."